Empty Courts

It was never like this before, for all I know

I was a happy kid, that’s all I know

Quest for happiness was still unknown

Mama’s love was the only thing I had known

Loneliness was still just a word and not a friend

Little did I know it would turn out to be my closest friend

Playground near my house was always full

Now the only thing that matters is New York’s bull

Growing up at home Mama was always around

Now the empty walls of my apartment say — see ya around

They never lie, I do see them every morning and night

But I still miss my mama’s good night

She never told me what I was signing up for

All she cared for was my future to be bright

But the only thing brighter than my future is my macbook’s back-light

All she kept saying was everything will be alright

She wasn’t like my apartment’s white walls

Because this time she had lied

I wish she was here, by my side

So I could ask her why she had lied?

For all I know Mama would have never lied

I am still waiting for everything to be alright

Because I know Mama is always right

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