Why Study Statistics In Your Masters Degree

Statistics is the science and art of learning from data. It is a discipline that is concerned with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data along with the effective communication of the results relying on data. Statistics is a very important science as the practical appliance of every other science and art depends on it. It is at the heart of quantitative reasoning necessary for making important advancements in the fields of medicine and genetics as well as important decision making in businesses and public policy.

We live in the age of information, computers allow us to collect and store information in quantities that wouldn’t have been imaginable in earlier times. An MSc applied statistics degree provides you the necessary tools and foundations in quantitative reasoning to be able to extract information astutely from a sea of data.

From medical studies to research experiments and satellites continuously orbiting the globe, the use of statistics is everywhere. Statistics helps to solve problems such as ways of making a business more profitable, improving living standards and fighting terminal diseases. This is done by investigative questioning, designing ways to collect data to answers for these questions, collecting data to make sense of it to produce reliable answers.

Graduates in this field are in high demand across the globe. The career prospects for graduates who have a degree in statistics combined with their knowledge of other disciplines such as engineering, social sciences and arts are excellent and on the rise. In all sectors of society, they are in demand, be it government, business, industry or research labs.

If you are looking to pursue an MSc Statistics in Pune, Symbiosis Statistical Institute (SSI) should be a strong consideration for you. Their MSc (Applied Statistics) is a two-year full-time program that is offered with the specializations of Biostatistics and Data Analysis, Industrial Statistics and Operation Research, Financial and Actuarial Statistics, and Computational Statistics. The focus at SSI is to train their students to translate and apply statistical knowledge to be able to solve real-world problems in different inter-disciplinary domains. The rigorous program at SSI prepares students for career opportunities across various industries such as pharma, insurance, automobile, and information technology as well as national and international research institutes, research laboratories, consulting and academia. Find out more about this institute at http://ssi.edu.in/