Angels are creatures of Allah SWT who are also charged with duty and responsibility. However, unlike humans and other creatures. They are given full strength to carry it out. They are also not given lust, so there is not one of them who disregard the command of Allah SWT. Everything performs their respective duties properly according to the command of Allah SWT. If we look at the various tasks and responsibilities of angels, we will find a close connection between them and us as human beings. Relationships that show our closeness to them. In fact it can be said almost all or all of their duties are for the benefit of humans. This is in addition to cultivating a sense of love for them the angels, also cultivate awareness of the grace of Allah SWT is so vast to us, by creating a creature called angels for the benefit of humans.

The Leader of Angels

Of the many angels there are three who became their leaders. The angel Gabriel is in charge of delivering revelation. The angel Israfil who was in charge of blowing the trumpet on the last day. And the angel Mikail who was in charge of bringing down rain and growing crops. These three angels became angel leaders because of their life-related tasks. Gabriel is in charge of conveying the revelations with which the hearts of men will live. Mikail sprouted plants and brought rain down with it the earth would live. And Isrophil blows the trumpet with which the human body will return to life on the Day of Resurrection.

Angels of Allah Who Maintains Humans

Among the angels there are duties at all times guarding humans. Allah ta’ala says (which means), “For man there are angels who always follow him take turns, in front and behind him, they guard him by Allah’s command” (Surah Ar Ro’du: 11). Mujahid said, “it is not a servant, unless he has an angel who is commanded to guard him, both while sleeping and awake from the disturbance of jinn, humans, and animals annoying. If there is something that will harm him, the angel will tell him, “watch out!”, Except for something that Allah Almighty has allowed him to do.

So little explanation about the angel of Allah SWT. The number of angels is overwhelming, but what humans need to know there are 10 including some that have been described above. If you want to know more, can ask the experts to be more satisfied and avoid from misunderstanding. Or can also read-read in the article about the angel of Allah SWT. If there is a misplaced word or explanation, the author apologizes. thanks.