My 2016 resolution was to pay for software

One of my big goals this year was to purchase software that I thought would make my life easier. Too often I would balk at buying a $1.99 application even if I thought it would be useful. Then I’d turn around and spend $3 on a cup of coffee or $12 on a new album on iTunes.

I always searched for free versions of an application that I knew weren’t as clean or useful as the $1.99 version, but somehow I continued to justify this.

So, starting in 2016, I made a point to set aside a few dollars a month for useful software. Some of them were…. less than what I’d hoped for. Nevertheless a few helped streamline workflow, increased productivity, and my made my life easier.

The single best application I purchased this year was Magnet. I got it on sale for $1.99 and it helped organize all the messy windows I had open on my MacBook. As a former Windows user, it also helped bring one of my favorite Windows features, the snap-in, to my Mac. This application feels like something that should be native to MacOS as it’s been a key part of Windows since Vista. However, I’ve gotten more than a $1.99 of value out of it.

The other application that helped me get organized in 2016 was a password manager. I used 1Password online, but there are plenty of good (and free) ones out there. It does take some work to get it setup but in the long run you won’t regret it. Having all your passwords securely stored on your phone and laptop makes life easier, plain and simple.

As 2017 gets closer I’ll be sure to continue purchasing apps and software I feel can help my productivity and improve my workflow (and I’m always open to suggestions).

Here’s hoping I find another application as helpful as Magnet in 2017.