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As a photographer

People often say

I possess the photographer’s eye

In fact, not really

I observe

I feel

I dive in

I experience the experience

Some may consider this a kind of mental illness

But you can only see the truth with the heart

Not with the eyes


love was

an atomic explosion

a fire in the woods

the loudest thunder in the sky

a Richter magnitude 8 earthquake

a tsunami

a stroke in your heart

love was


your everything

the universe

the air your breathe

your whole life

your every second

your world was like:

“i love or i die”


i had a dream

with you kissing me

it felt so real

i am confused

are we kissing in reality

or dreaming in our dreams

your hugs were tight

your lips were warm

i woke up



p.s. thank you

A letter to the Universe

Perhaps it all started with my obsession with circles, and art, or more so, YOUR way of painting colorful circles on canvas.

You are a very passionate and intelligent person.

We chatted, we giggled, we laughed. We hugged, we kissed. For all that time, you…


an ordinary girl who is obsessed with beautiful minds, kind hearts, lovely smiles and all the amazing colours of the world (also a photographer to the bones)

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