A Little Bit About Skaggs

Part 1: My Life Story in Exactly 100 Words

As a fourteen year old, my life story hasn’t been completed. All that my story seems to consist of is sports and school.

By the time I was eighteen months old I had begun swimming. I swam competitively until sixth grade, stopping because of other sports. I have participated in gymnastics, soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball, and basketball. Only volleyball and basketball have really stuck with me. I hope to play at a collegiate level, but I will never know what the future holds.

Other activities are very important too, but none will fill my life as much as athletics do.

Part 2: Graphs About Me

How I Spend My Time Outside of School: Made on CreateaGraph.com
What I Worry About Most: Made on CreateaGraph.com

Part 3: Audio that I Love

The song of my childhood right here. She is singing about all the troubles she’ll have to overcome and how great life is now. Miley Cyrus — “The Climb”

Part 4: 9:00PM on a Friday Night

At the Prospect Varsity Football Game reppin’ the U.

Part 5: Vine of Me on a Normal Day

Here I am eating after a volleyball match. 50% of my life is spent like this.

Part 6: People Who Inspire Me

Kerri Walsh Jennings PC: Zimbio

Kerri Walsh Jennings is a two time Olympic Champion in beach volleyball whose determination inspires me all the time.

Adrian Payne PC: Zimbio

Adrian Payne is a professional basketball player who formerly played for the Michigan State Spartans (my family’s school). He was a huge support to a little girl named Lacey who was his biggest fan but unfortunately passed away of cancer. His kind heart will always make him one of my favorite players.

MLK Jr. PC: HeadlinePolitics

We all know that MLK had the courage to stand up for what is right and that is why he inspires me.

Part 7: A Quote that Inspires Me

The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see the beauty in others.” -Omar Suleiman

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