How technology is changing now and then

From catalog browsing in the year 2000 to online shopping in 2016, the technology in shopping has come a long way with the availability of smartphones. Since the mid-late 19th century many knew that to reach consumers across the continent that make up, they’d have to find a way to allow even their most remote customers to shop. Now of course, you don’t need to be at your local mall or in front of your smartphone to make online purchases, you can do it while at waiting for some thing.

The doctors appointment is the crucial one while visiting doctor, but with smart app this can be done while relaxing. While the patient is in the hospital, they are a captive audience. Providing patient in his mobile device to access his health information online and reports to that smart device will educate the patient their condition and can plan their treatment. This in turn will help doctors meet the requirement for engagement of patient. Mobile phones not only help doctors and hospitals to satisfy program requirements but also improve overall experience of patient and treatment.

Till 1999 knowing opportunities was dependent on newspaper edition, even if had that edition applying was a big thing thru postal department by taking copies of certificates, writing the covering letter and attaching application form and sending it thru post. Now its all with a click if you do keep your cv in the job site.

Before accessing computer lab is a big thing in the past and textbooks are the most relevant information for any student, Now many textbooks are not the most relevant sources. Today’s generation has grown accustomed to updated information. Textbooks can’t provide students with the latest info like a table devices can. The mobile phone prices and smart devices cost has become in reach to keeps students having these gadgets and make more organized and gives them easy access to their materials.

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