5 Minutes To Release Daily Stress And Overwork

Have you been so tired, as if you cannot think, read, listen, watch at certain moments? Why our body is not ready to respond every time to our daily activities? 
These are innate body reactions which we should notice because they indicate the necessity to restart our body system.
In our busy life, we often overwhelm our body energy sources and suffer from apathy, overstrain and fatigue, which should not be accepted as normal conditions. A strong headache and different psychosomatic symptoms could be a deception of non-existing diseases, which are signs of hidden weariness.

How can we make a restart of our body system, so that we can continue to live and work efficiently?
To increase our endurance, we use different stimulants such as coffee, black tea, energy drinks, which are not the right solutions every time. If we know our body abilities, we can use them in the right moments with the right state of mind, and the body energy, that can be handled for self-help. In this way, our body has its potential, which we can activate and use, even we are very tired.
Trying these easy tricks will take you only 5 minutes and will refresh your body naturally. You can make them in the morning or in the evening, at home or in the office place, and return your balance of health condition to your early ages, without too much effort.
Know, how your body can use its healing energy to treat the unbalanced conditions, which is necessary, even you do not have health problems. Soon, you will be energized and the body power abilities will reach their best level although you do not do the exercises regularly. If the body is balanced, it will have a full immune activity.
Surely, you will feel the effect of these practices, even you do not practice them every day or choose some of them, which are easy to perform.

1. Clap your hands several times and take out the collected static energy of the palms. Then rub them for 30 seconds, until they become hot.
 If your hands are dry and hot, your energy condition is at a good level. But if they are wet and cold, this could be a sign of hormonal disbalance.
Think about your hands as a mirror of your health condition. Every one of us has natural abilities for self-healing because we can lead the healing energy through them. How many energy points are there that need stimulation?

2. Put your hot hands on your eyes, press them gently, then release and repeat 30 times for 30 seconds. Concentrate on your breathing and clear your mind. After that, hold and press your palms on your eyes for one minute and relax. This practice is very healthful for people with eyesight problems or for those who work in front of the computer every day, whose eyes receive more light than they need. How healthy could be the darkness for our tired eyes and brain?

3. Plug your ears for a minute. Just press the little parts in front of the ears, so that they stop up the ears holes. What can you hear now? Only your breathing. After some practicing, ear inflammations and tinnitus will disappear, and the ability of listening will be improved. This practice has a positive effect and will refresh our brain, too. All day, we receive too much noise and do not realize how unnecessary information remains within us.
 What should we do? To stop the noise entry, and release the overloaded information, that sucks our energy all the time.

4. Massage your jaws. Put thumbs under your ears, then press and move your jaws to stimulate your lymphatic points. In the same way, pull from your chin and back 30 times for 30 seconds. After that, your face will be refreshed, because of the better lymphatic flow.

5. The fifth step of releasing your daily stress is the head massage. Use your fingertips and gently stimulate your hair roots, as though you want to wash your hair for a minute. If you turn your head down, your blood circulation will be increased and your brain — relaxed. This is the fastest way that the brain will be more productive because can produce more cells that will renew it.

These are old practices that could be one easy way to restart your overloaded body system and release your daily stress. Do you choose any of the practices? Try, and receive the necessary effect.