Something about RIGHTS

The powerful groups in the societies tend to stereotype the minority groups, trying to justify the discrimination and minimise their causes. One explicit example is women, who have been labeled, chased and mocked since the beginning of the civilizations.

The first reason why the patriarchy stereotypes women is to keep its power and justify its actions. For instance, and adult woman should care for the house and the family, otherwise she would be considered egotistical. It goes without saying that a man will not be judged for the exact same reason. This difference is due to how our conscience is structured to stigmatise vulnerable groups. As a poor person is sometimes considered a thief, a woman who is not docile is viewed as bossy or violent.

The second reason goes further. When women organise themselves and fight for their rights and against the social mandate, society dismisses the cause as nonsense by presenting their ideals as unnecessary and ridiculous. One example is the title “feminazi” given by an American journalist or the “straw feminist”, a trope created by Hollywood to ignore feminism as a serious movement. The latter is extremely dangerous since it is widespread between children and youngsters, giving a distorted image of what feminism really is. Consequently, the patriarchy diminishes the importance and necessity of a change of paradigm, producing a decrease in the support of the movement.

To summarise, it is vital to recognise that it is our responsibility to beat these stereotypes immediately. What we are living nowadays is not far from the witch hunt in the Middle Age. Therefore, it is time to move on and accept that we all share the same rights.