Finished Product —

Case Study of CCH Market Classification Tool

My Role


The Problem

70+ markets with 100+ questions. No wonder it was taking 20+ hours

Our Solution

This solution eliminates the need for manual classification, removing a regular 20+ hour workload.

Expert Interview Findings


Target Audience Research

With our clients wanting to expand the product to the community they serve, we chose to use a responsive web application which catered best to the low-income demographic.

User Personas

Design Requirements

Shaping a Solution

Rapid Prototyping

Paper Prototypes
Low-Fidelity Prototype

Initial Feedback

High Fidelity Prototyping

Click here for link to interactive prototype

User Testing — More Feedback

Our main discovery was that the filters were not intuitive. Users expected the filters to apply to all elements on the screen.

Final Design Decisions


Final Product

Design Requirements Check


As a result of this experience I learned the importance of gaining outside perspective through user-testing as well as the value of keeping the full team involved in the design process.

My team with our CCH clients