Steady — Helping gig workers earn more.

For a comprehensive case study that includes my process, check out my work at Kast. I executed end-to-end design for the following work.

Steady’s native iOS and Android Booster designs

Exposing In-Progress Income Boosters

Income Boosters are curated offers that enable Steady members to earn quick cash.

Members weren’t coming back to finish their in-progress Boosters.

Adding a recent activity section to the Boosters page gave members the nudge they needed to finish offers they had already started. This small change increased our engagement by over 25% and lifted our Booster revenue by over 8%.

Income Passport’s responsive web app designs

Simplifying Income Passport’s Add & Verify Income Flow

Steady’s Income Passport is unlocking benefits for Gig Workers through unique methods of income verification and fraud prevention.

  1. Asking members to link bank and payroll accounts up front, and without context, created trust issues.
  2. User’s didn’t understand jargony language such as “gig accounts”.
  3. Complex flows, with even more complex directions, lead to task failure. Members were incorrectly grouping all of their income from multiple sources to create one mega source, causing them to get flagged for fraud.

By swapping the user’s mental model for how they add income from “browse” to “search” we were able to:

  1. Ask for accounts only in-context and when necessary, building trust with our members.
  2. With members naming their income sources up front, we can automatically detect the accounts they need to connect which removes the need for confusing language.
  3. Break the flow down into multiple simpler steps.

Want to see more ?

This is only a small fraction of the work I’ve done at Steady. If you want to see more work, get an insight on my process, or hear the story of why my name is spelled wrong then let’s chat!




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