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Finished Product —

This was a project with my Global Ties team for our non-profit community client, San Diego Center for Community Health (CCH). My primary role on this project was UX design and front-end development. I worked with HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JS to make an appealing, mobile friendly web application while also adhering to our client’s branding guidelines.

My Role

Team Leader, UX Design, and front-end development


HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, InVision(interactive prototyping), Figma(hi-fi prototypes), Photoshop/Marvel(lo-fi prototypes), pen & paper (paper prototypes).

The Problem

CCH had just began their Live Well Community Market Program to improve and promote access to healthy food across San Diego county by providing various forms of aid to neighborhood markets. CCH staff began to fill out surveys regarding the current state of markets however they had no way to easily classify the community markets into “levels” which would determine the amount of aid they would provide each market. …

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