I AM — Just an Individual

Well educated, earning well, independent, strong headed, bold, have own mindset, Indian woman — put together, synonymous to “egoistic, stubborn and high-headed” — in an Indian man’s world. Obviously #hashtag #notallmen..there are exceptions but few.

Life for a city woman surely not is as difficult as might be for a rural counterpart but she has to face the hypocrisy and biases every day at workplace, in society and even at home. The freedom and rights that we have are seen as privileges granted and favors done by our male counterparts on us. Our choice to work, have life, right to take our own decisions are often seen as freedom they have given us as a kind of favor. Were we really born to be the section of the human race meant to live on the mercy of the other. Were males born stronger to govern our lives, “protect” us but also at the same time own us, take decisions for us, make us obey them because they are “stronger and smarter” or in a privileged case “let” us take decisions for ourselves “let” us live by our own sense of right or wrong. Were we really given the ability to bear children to be vulnerable to exploitation, molestation, rapes? Every 15 minutes, a rape is reported in India.

When will women be treated equally in our society. Will they ever be? A successful career women rarely have a satisfied husband and family. She is most often not good enough for them because she values her career as well in her life…and sometimes in the process she might not be able to give her 100% at home…she can’t ….nobody can…can a man? No….but it does not matter…because males have a clear priority, work, in our society. They don’t have to choose, they are not judged on these parameters. They can miss a family gathering because of work priorities but if women does, she ends up being labeled too ambitious and ignorant of her family responsibilities. Why such biases? Why cant people be treated as individuals? Why different standards for men and women? When women are ready to take equal responsibilities why not give them equal rights? When will people look at woman as an individual and not only a piece of flesh vulnerable to exploitation by the “born pervert” section of the human race who are eternally so helpless to suppress their libido that they end up being a monster whenever they get the slightest chance…oh sorry..whenever a girl instigate them by innumerable ways….suggestive clothing, bold nature, being outside home at an “inappropriate” hour of the day, being “over friendly”..her saying a NO never means anything..because men are too helpless to not being able to control their carnal desires once aroused..and it’s the fault of the women….and she should be ashamed of the way she is. She is never “just an individual”

A wife, a mother, an ambitious career woman. A regular woman with not so regular dreams.