The Errors in Thinking

Most people assume the errors in thinking have no serious effects on them at all. Fellow human beings forget the three most important errors of them all. They are false correlation, we prefer stories to statistics, and the argument from authority. These errors in thinking always mess up even the brightest of thinkers. Humans have an obligation to think greater than what has been shown to them. So we need to make sure we are thinking about things at more than just a surface level. It is important to make sure you are not one of the many people who are ensnared in this trap. The errors in thinking are crucial and can have serious effects on everyone’s lives.

The first error in thinking that troubles many human beings is false correlation. To start off many parents have children who have gotten cancer soon after or close to vaccination. The autism is just a coincidence and should not correlate with each other. Next, there was a lady who committed quite a few crimes after using an ouija board. She said that it was the board’s fault even though it was her who went out and committed the crimes. Another thing is a family got a new house that was “haunted, ” and when they went into the kitchen they felt a dark presence. An ominous presence does not mean that the house is haunted they just felt a weird presence which could have been a draft and they wrongly correlated the two. These are three examples of false correlation.

Another error in thinking common among many people is stories over statistics. To begin, many individuals who talk about alien abduction have stories, not evidence. People hear these stories and like them because they sound interesting, but they are not facts and should not be trusted.(I,ccI)Next, GMO’s were attacked (ridiculed) by people because the people heard stories about how rats in a study got tumors. The study was proven to be untrue by many scientists because they looked at the statistics, not just the story. Lastly,A lot of people who believe in ghosts like to their personal stories or stories they have heard. Many people love hearing these stories so they base a lot of their beliefs on these stories that could have been made up. These are three examples of stories over statistics.

The last error in thinking that causes particularly acute(severe)problems for people is the argument from authority. First,president-elect Donald Trump said vaccines cause autism and a lot of people thought this was true because he said it and if someone with a lot of power like him said this it must be true. Going along with celebrities views can be dangerous for people who just blindly follow celebrities like Donald Trump because celebrities can be just as misinformed as any other human being.(ID) Next, there was a doctor who had said that a fossil was the Loch Ness monsters so many people believed Nessie to be genuine and not just a myth. The doctors claim shows how dangerous this logical fallacy can be because the doctor could be basing all of his information on little to no facts. Another thing is a lot of professionals said that the Holocaust was faked and was not real.There is so much evidence proving it was real but this caused some people to think that what the professionals are saying is true. These are the three examples of argument from authority.

These errors are the cause of the downfall of society as we know it. There will be a lot of problems, if people continue to go on as they do.(D,I) These happen to human beings all the time, and people have done crazy things because of these errors. There have been individuals who have not gotten vaccines, which prevent(prohibit) diseases because they think that they cause Autism. Us as humans can not let this continue. We can start by researching things before we make up our minds about them. Errors like stories to statistics, false correlation, and argument from authority are to blame. So if us humans do not want to see the human race collapse in on itself we need to think more carefully. Something that can have a huge impact on people’s lives is the errors in thinking.