I refrain for I know not what it is true
whether I am I or all of you

He revisits an empty page 
she yells I’m sorry please begin again
There is a melody coming through 
vibrations of an unmastered thread 
Wound through the shifts of tide and harmonic undertows 
Through open doors she comes through an open source
It makes him weep to look at that face
Mesmerized and bound by a spell to attract and then to repel 
Giving in to no hypnotic control 
He shrugs and curses the beloved one
Incoherent sweats the fever and the cold 
No truth left in their old world

She gazes into deep eyes 
He’s scared to even apologies 
The storm comes now and winter descends

When you look at your shallow facade 
Feel the palpitation of your heart 
Listen for you’re breaking yourself 
There is a magic to her eyes and 
I am her only sin that she wishes to repeat again
she yells and screams he has to begin again
to be seen with his lust for family and shrines 
He loses control of his sight 
sound the current of their energy 
Lapsing emerging consistently 
Destroying inevitably


The world ain’t a bad place

Someday they will find grace

To function alone as no halves

And take a courageous stance

It’s the time to fight

Regardless of hindsight

The need at last for an authentic smile

Leave something behind for everything you get

Give back everything you earn

Let go of what you love the most.

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