Let’s Talk About Susan Sarandon’s Boobs

By Coleen Singer at Sssh.com Porn For Women

So, Susan Sarandon’s lovely boobs have been in the news since the SAG awards when she dared show up in an outfit that showed off her perfect breasts. Mind you, no more than some of the other attendees, but because Sarandon is now in her 60s, she is therefore worthless to society (sexually speaking) and can only be seen in a burka. How dare she show us a little bit of cleavage! The rage!

For the record, this is what she wore:


Twitter comes to the rescue

Obviously, the netizens of Twitter came out in droves to rectify this situation. To put Sarandon in her place. Because, how dare she?!

But seriously

I can’t even believe this has become a thing enough to warrant a twitter hashtag — #CleavageGate. I’m not saying I am opposed to the backlash, I’m just saying WTF is the problem with cleavage?? And for the record, Sarandon’s cleavage looked fucking magnificent! Is the protest merely because it is attached to a 69 year-old woman?? It surely can’t be it?

Because I’m pretty sure last I checked, we are living in 2016 and not [insert timeline when women were treated like second class citizens]. Are we really doing this whole, “No one wants to see that shit!” right now? With the goddess that is Susan Sarandon — or any woman for that matter.

The rules for women are many

And don’t we know it. Don’t be a prude, don’t be a slut, don’t dress that way, dress more that way, and on and on it goes. We’re already confined by rules of acceptable behavior for ‘a woman’ now we have to add, ‘according to their age’. Reminds me of Amy Schumer’s sketch Last Fuckable Day — about the last day an actress is deemed fuckable by the media. (Worth the watch! VERY Funny and on point!)

“In every actress’s life the media decides when you finally reach the point where you’re not believably fuckable anymore.”

Ain’t that the truth?

Never mind that Sarandon is an excellent actress, amazing mother, won many awards, is an enviable artist in her field. Nope. Her cleavage is what matters.

How dare she show it!

We not only have to live up to some ridiculous standards as women, now we also have to make sure we never grow old or have bodies that grow old with us. And if we do, then we should disappear silently so no man ever has to think about older women.

Go to hell….

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Originally published at www.eroticscribes.com on March 3, 2016.

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