in high school my crushes would jump to touch door frames

“You’re the most anxious person I’ve ever met in my life.”


“Do you work like a stress ball?” he squeezes me.

yes exactly

the fitted sheet is slipping off the mattress. i’m always too lazy to tuck in the corner nearest to the wall. she is so young and bad at basic things, i bet he sensed.

i think back on our last date when it felt weird to chew and i told an acid story that fell flat and why wouldn’t it. i suck air through my teeth in response to the memory and the sheet fully slips off.

in high school my crushes would jump to touch door frames. i don’t know them aside from their playful mannerisms which become correct to me and which i will pretend to have. they know me and they feel very comfortable touching me like their ex girlfriends like the way you touch girls. i’ll buy a $15 dollar book they recommended and read it in 24 hours but i won’t say i read it. i’ll hide it incase they ever come over even if i know they won’t.

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