As an agency employee you don’t have to be on the constant lookout for new clients and worry about where your next pay cheque is coming from (pro), whereas as a freelancer you do (con).
The rise of the distributed agency
Oliver Lindberg

Bullshit. I’m a freelancer. I know my monthly income. Why? I have a long term relationship with all of my customers. I never work project based.

If there is a new customer, I turn him asap in a long term one. How? Divide the project in smaller budget slices and invoice upfront monthly.

1/ you know monthly what budget you can work with and you have a fix revenue
2/ your customer knows his monthly fix cost and get used to it and understands quickly you become a part of his organisation and the need for a developer nowadays as fix part of your organisation.

Or am I a freelancer shifting to a studio … or agency?

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