How far will dental technology take you?

Welcome to 2016, the age of technology. We now have an app for everything you can think of, from games to graphic design to health care. The dental community is no exception to this age of technology. I’m sure there are a lot of you that are already using technology in your offices to help streamline the patient experience.

Some of the more basic technologies that have been implemented in the dental office are things that we now take for granted. Without these technologies, dental offices would still be working in the stone age.

  • Practice management software: This technology has been around for quite a few years and is helping streamline everything from schedulig to billing.
  • Digital radiographs: This technology links in with the practice management software to produce instant radiographs with a fraction of radiation exposure to the patient.
  • Intraoral cameras: Cameras allow the provider to take a picture of the oral cavity and show the patient the tooth or problem they are looking at.
  • Caries detection: Sonar enables dental providers to detect decay by looking at the density of the enamel in a tooth.

Advanced technology is improving every day in the dental field. There are some amazing advancements happening!

  • CAD/CAM designing of prosthodontics: Computers are able to design crowns and bridges to be milled out of zirconia.
  • 3D printing: Along with the CAD/CAM designing, 3D printing is starting to become a useful tool in prosthodontics. The ability to print partial frameworks, dentures and even anatomical replicas of teeth to be used as implants now existis.
  • Advanced materials: Super strong, light weight and antibacterial materials are being developed for use in the oral cavity. These materials are used in the fabriction of both fixed and removable prosthodontics.