Growing up in a tea esate in Eastern India

I was born in the eastern part of India. For some it will be very surprising that Eastern India is a region which most people even in India don’t know much about. My father is in the tea industry. Now much like Eastern region itself , the tea industry is also a mystery to many.

The tea Industry was one of the many gifts given to us by the British.The tea industry is something which is still very British like in India. One should go there and try to see for yourself and if you get a chance to live on a tea estate you’ll know for sure what I mean when I say British like. The part of my childhood which was spent in Eastern India was no less than of a prince . The English culture there was and very much still retained. We had these weekly tennis and golf clubs to go to.Indulge in meat loafs , quiches and soufflés. Had a brigade of servants working at home and most of the homes on these tea estates are huge bungalows some built relatively new typically in 60's and 70's and rest are the hundred years old ones left behind by the English folks. So these places really needed many servants to maintain them. I know this sounds like having slaves , but it wasn’t slavery like. These people working for us were pretty much like butlers, of course not educated but highly trained over the years to do their respective chores and they took pride in working in these bungalows instead of plucking tea leaves in the estate fields.

The eastern region is also home to a massive wildlife. I clearly remember having wild elephants over on and off in our bungalow . This was nothing more than routine for us. Sometimes these elephants tried to crush the bungalow walls to get in , but used to be chased away by using firecrackers and fire torches. Other regular visitors were leopards. I last saw a wild leopard was when I was there back from school on a vacation ,returning one night from the nearby town after watching a movie .The leopard was casually sitting infront of our bungalow gate and we were also pretty casual about just honked and our visitor just left .Such is the life there on a tea estate, pretty sure sounds scary from far but for people like me grown up on these tea estates and now living in cities and in different countries far away just absolute happy memories. And depending upon the response I get to this article I’ll think of writing more on this.