Who I am

By Mello.

I was born in 2003 and that makes me fifteen years old as I write this. I was introduced to robotics at the age of eight in 2012 by my father, Mbanda Shyaka. I only found interest in the software part of robotics and not the hardware. This is when I was introduced to computer programming or as you may call it, Coding.

My names are Ssuubi Shyaka and I go by the nickname “Mello” which I got from an anime character who loves chocolate as much as I do and yet I don’t even watch anime. I study at Aga Khan High School. I love eating a lot, watching Netflix series, PewdiePie, Marques Brownlee and other Gadget Reviewers and I play basketball.

I started coding in Python which I completed the basics in and moved on to the basics of other languages like Ruby, Perl, C++, JavaScript, HTML and Java. Later on, in 2016, I started on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails as a serious course at the RailsShop owned by my uncle Alex Shyaka. I learnt how to host a few sites online and continued to learn more languages including JQuery which is built on the JavaScript framework and PHP which I am currently studying right now.

Last term we had a School ICT Bootcamp which I participated in and won an award for the Outstanding ICT Brain of the Year. I made an emulation of the school website and hosted it locally on my machine.

I am a very extroverted person both on social media and in person. I love to make friends and I am a very musical person too. I also do magic and photography. That’s basically me.

You can follow me on :

Instagram: @mellotacious

Twitter: @iamthemello