How not to be a failure ?

When I started studying in senior high school. Mathematics was in front of me in a new format, and I was not able to make peace with all new mathematics.

In first test, I failed in mathematics. I was scoring good marks in last 10 years, but suddenly failed, how is that possible ? It was shocking for me as well as my friends and family.

The situation was miserable for me. My family asked me to leave the mathematics subject, but I decided not to give-up. I worked hard and scored excellent marks in next test.

I did not stopped here,

  1. I cleared engineering entrance test with my school itself
  2. I completed engineering in computer science with good grads and importantly with good knowledge.
  3. I published international research paper in 2005 on low power mobiles during my graduation.
  4. I got placed as faculty in a government engineering college
  5. I got placed in my dream software company
  6. I founded a company (aka startup) in early 2009. I am still running it :-)
I failed, but I was not a Failure. I kept trying and succeeded.
Everyone Fails, Many times in Life. Its obvious and absolutely fine. 
I failed on many instances in my life, but I never gave-up.

Now a days, I am developing a new product called ReadyViews, which analyses Product Reviews and help you in decision making. 
Let me know if you like it.