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It is true that Aetna has threatened to pull out because the govt wouldn’t/won’t approve a merger between Aetna and Humana. It would be easy to focus on that. But take into account that other major insurers are planning to, or already have, pulled out of the ACA Exchanges because they can’t internalize their monetary losses. Consider the fact that this legislation had to be designed from the start with “loss insurance” because the designers knew that the model was untenable.

I absolutely don’t fault people for wanting a different better solution. I sure do/did. But for everybody that saw this for what it was, and looking through the comments here wanted exactly what is happening, the failure of the ACA was just a stepping stone to single payer. Now imagine the US with a VA style health administration. Just think about that. The US government is so inept at managing health care that they can’t even manage it for a relatively small subset of a captive population. Now before you scream, “MEDICARE IS A SUCCESS”, realize that it is only a success (and that verbiage is generous) because it foists all the paperwork off on the Provider. When the govt. becomes the provider (single payer) it now assumes the paperwork of the entire population of the USA. What makes you all think they will succeed here where they can’t with the VA or Medicare? They can’t. Even with the hugely public failure of their handling of the VA there are still issues with their management of the it.

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