Train Deliberately

Research is all very well but its what we DO with the information once we have it that is important. We have established that mental fatigue adds to a decline in physical performance AND we have shown that training with sports specific cognitive drills can help offset mental fatigue and lead to greater performance outcomes.

But what are we doing with this information? It is so important to analyse but in the same breath we need to take some application. You may have heard the term, ‘paralysis by analysis’ We can become so focused on LEARNING and forget to APPLY. If we don’t apply, what is the point?

We wanted to have research done with Soma NPT because we had to make sure it does what we intended it to do. Soma NPT can be applied to athletic training in order to train cognitive fatigue DELIBERATELY.

Soma NPT consists of two parts

1- The Soma NPT app itself. This is what applies the training drills to the athlete.

2- The Coaches Analytics. This is a web based back end system that links to the Soma NPT app. This is where the data from the training is sent, and this is where we analyse our athletes.

Consider the application. The athlete trains his/her drills on the app. The data is sent to the Coaches back-end and there the coach can REALLY see if the athlete is really fatiguing and working hard. The trends will show it. The program can be build in the back-end and sent to the athlete as a pdf. The drills are specific to the needs of the athlete.

When it comes to mental fatigue we MUST use data. Otherwise how do we really know that the training load is enough? When it comes to the brain it is too easy to guess and someone saying they are tired is far too subjective. The data won’t lie and it cannot be tricked. From that knowledge we apply the right programming and really begin to work athletes brains in a targeted and deliberate manner.

The graphs below show results from a PVT test used to determine levels of cognitive fatigue. These show that POST brain endurance training there is an increase of “lapses” This, along with the increase in reaction time correlates with an increase in cognitive fatigue. In this case the fatigue is obvious and therefore the programming is being built with the correct amount of load.

The research has proven it. The information is out there and the platform has now been provided. Are we going to keep learning and reading and summarising and questioning or is it now time to start FEELING how this really works? So many people have told us how INTERESTING this all is. Interesting to us now means “I like reading about that but I’m not going to do anything with what I just learned’

It’s time to start training.

To discuss how this applies to you and your sport specifically, jump onto a Q&A call with us. Click on the link below to book. It’s free, and it may just change your game.