In our rapidly changing and ever more complex world, the type of problems designers can tackle has evolved from communication and product (for the purpose of consumption) into services, experiences, and systems that have the potential to profoundly impact the future of humanity. …

The UX industry has grown quite substantially in the past decade, and now it is quite a multi-faceted craft. Depending on the stage of a UXer’s career, and the type of organization they work for, their roles and responsibilities could look really different.

In this post, I’d like to share…

There are just so many methods and activities out there if you work in product discovery or user research. I have to admit I tend to go with a handful of methods that I’m familiar with, mainly because it is hard to keep track of all the methods out there.

I recently came across the Socratic methods of engaging in a discussion. How to have a GOOD discussion with 4-simple steps:

  1. The goal is to get closer to “truth” ( a better understanding)
  2. Listen attentively
  3. Ask questions
  4. Ready to refute (Give and invite feedback/critique)
  5. (I repeat) The goal is to…

You know the sort of stuff you that you find desirable but just feel a bit guilty buying it, and you can’t quit thinking about, you’d deliberately walking past the shop to check on it in the display window. Those objects of desire, you know. …

Shanshan Zhou

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