My baby Lucky. I have a tiny little tea cup Chihuahua named Lucky. He is 6 months old now, and still he looks like he is only 6 weeks. In my household I have 4 generations of Chihuahuas. From Twitch, my first to his son Sandy, next comes the granddaughter Litl Bit, and finally lucky. Lucky is from the last litter of Sandy and Litl Bit. This particular litter consisted of two puppies being born, and Lucky was the only one to survive.

This is Lucky’s story. Born a preemie, but so cute and sweet. Out of all the litters his parents had, he is the most loving and playful of all his siblings. At 4 months old he had his first seizure. It scared us so much because we thought he was going to die. So I took him to the vet the following day and told the vet he was almost 7 weeks. (I forgot to do the math. ) Dr Sue fell in love with him immediately. She injected a water solution into his scruff, got him to eat, sent him back home with us. His only orders were to eat once an hour and water (gatorade) once an hour. Simple right? He was perfectly fine. He was just a little dehydrated, we found out this was kind of normal for this breed.

I took Lucky back to see his Dr a month later. Remember, I wasn’t doing the math right in my head for his age. So we go back to Dr Sue. And we are trying to figure out his age. We figured out since he was born early at the end of March, he was about 4 months at that point. He still hadn’t grown hardly since his first visit. Maybe just a little taller in his legs. Case being, she couldn’t give him a normal vaccination, that she would give to any other puppy his age. She was only able to give him half a normal vaccination due to his size.

Since the last visit, he hadn’t grown much at all. He is truly a tea cup. The funny part is my daughter, who is 25, went into my kitchen and grabbed a coffee cup out of the cupboard and tested the theory. True to word, he fit the cup just fine. We all had a good laugh at that one. He still has the occasional seizure though. When this happens, we simply hold him and rub his head and talk too him till he calms down and make sure he had his gatorade ready in his little injection tube. These seizures are usually brought on by him eating too fast and too much or He gets too excited. He loves getting his drinks from the tube, my oldest, his grandfather, hated it when he got it with medicine in it. He still likes his Gatorade once in a while, especially after playing hard with the rest of his family.

We have a lot of fun with Lucky. When we get home from work, he is all tail wags, and staring us down, and doing his little barks. Yes he found his voice and its cute. He will climb up on my husband and I as soon as we sit down and instead of kissing us, he bites our nose and lips. I guess his way of giving kisses instead of normal licking kisses.

Lucky has been such a treat to our family. We’ve had several offers for him, and have turned every single one down. He is family. When he was born as the only living survivor of his litter, we knew he was ours.