13 Reasons You Should Take a Cruise This Year

This was once a privilege which only the most renowned explores enjoyed but times have changed and all of us now have a chance to explore destinations which are untouched by the regular traveler, thanks to the amazing and exciting cruise itineraries. You may choose from some of the best cruise packages available that take you to the most fascinating places by means of the beautiful waters covering our globe. The experience and thrill that you are provided above the water can put the best of experiences on land to shame. People who have been on a cruise will swear by the unforgettable time they had due to a number of reasons out of which there are some which are exclusive to a complete cruise trip. If this makes you curious, here is a list of 13 reasons to take a cruise this year.

image source: Musafir.com


The Cruise Fever Has Spread to the Rivers — Sailing past the castles and vineyards of Europe must be an outstanding feeling which many travelers have blessed with but as of this year, there are some newer expeditions which include cruises such as Uniworld’s Ganges Voyager 2 on the River Ganges and the Irrawaddy on Belmond Orcacella.


VIP Treatment — 5 star spa treatments to discovering untouched shores and private butlers are all a part of an unforgettable VIP experience.


Whenever you open your eyes in the morning, you’ll find yourself in a different city.


The Best Way to Reach Cuba — The road route to Cuba from nearby places is not that great and the hotels along the way are pretty average, so what could be better than a luxurious cruise to Cuba along the sublime waters.


Kids are Always Kept Entertained — Some interesting expeditions such as Disney’s collaboration with AmaWaterways in Europe which included fairy tale readings in real life castles, Uniworld’s ‘Family Adventures’ and ‘Sound of Music’ tours across Salzburg have helped in keeping the kids entertained while providing some useful knowledge.


Cut off from everyone at the port and return after exploring the stop-over cities. This break is a pleasant one and you get enough time to explore a fresh environment before you get back on your fabulous cruise ship.


It’s always a good idea to take a room with a balcony even if you have to pay extra. The feeling of being on a private cruise ship is an experience of a lifetime.


Many ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Moments — You might be on a particular cruise route only once in your life, so you are assured of many unforgettable experiences which are one of a kind and new discoveries that are made throughout your voyage.


The Ships — A major reason for many people to take a cruise is for the sheer design and grandeur of some of the most fascinating cruise ships such as the Viking Star which launched in 2015 and can beat any 7 Star Hotel easily in terms of service, class and facilities.


There is no other choice apart from cruise if you want to get to small and untouched remote islands with some unique and picturesque spots.


Connectivity — No need to worry about your connectivity to the rest of the world as high speed internet facility is provided on almost all the ships these days.


Lose Weight While Having Fun — Cruise ships have fitness centers, spas, gyms and some well made meal plans where food is made with the freshest of ingredients, even in the midst of nowhere.


Climate — There have been various changes in the climate due to factors such as global warming and tectonic plate shifting. This is also evident in the recent history with some major disturbances. The weather seems to be perfect for a cruise this year and no major disturbances have been predicted till now.