5 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Turkey

Turkey is one destination which beams with a diversity of both, cultures as well as traditions. A nation with varied landscapes, glorious history, impeccable art forms and unmatched opportunities for adventure, Turkey makes for a great holiday destination. And the magnificent city of Istanbul only adds to the fulfilling experience of any traveller who sets out on a sojourn on this celebrated land.

If you happen to be headed to Turkey, here are a few things that you must know in order for your holiday to be a tad more convenient!

1. Visa

This is one of the first steps that you’d be required to take, as will be told by your International Holiday Packages Associate. In order to apply for the same, you will be required to hold a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from your date of arrival in Turkey. You will also be required to furnish documents related to your employment status, your bank balance and others in order to obtain the visa. Once applied for, it might take you 10–12 working days to get the visa!

2. Currency

While Turkish Lira is the local currency, one can easily convert US Dollars and Euro, via any of the numerous exchange offices. You will also find a large number of ATMs. However, it is advisable to keep small denominations of each of the aforementioned currencies in cash, so that you can conveniently shop and move around.

3. Dress Decently

Given that Turkey has inherited its customs from Europe and Asia alike, you will find a great mix when it comes to the ways of life, as well as the sense of dressing. While the urban areas are fairly cosmopolitan, but if you happen to be travelling to any rural area or even some remote place, do make sure that you keep your shoulders covered. This especially goes for the female travellers. Also, if possible avoid wearing minis or shorts if you don’t want unsolicited attention.

4. Turkish Toilets

Most modern-day establishments in Turkey have adopted the western style of toilets. However, in some places, you might come across the traditional squats. While they’re fairly easy to get used to, most of these toilets will not be facilitated with toilet paper. Hence it might be a good idea to carry one yourself. Moreover, don’t forget to remove the valuables from your back pockets, in a bid to avert uncanny accidents.

5. Familiarising

If you wish to devour authentic food of the locals or even sip a Turkish cuppa, get familiar with some locals. You can try and learn a few words of ‘Turkish’, the leading language and get friendly with the locals. However, like in the case of any other travel destination, never let your guard down and beware of people who might have dubious intentions. While you might need to find some time from your pre-planned International Holiday Packages itinerary, in most cases, this will be worth the effort.

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