6 Best things to do in Bali with Kids

If you are planning a family vacation to Bali, don’t be mislead by the things you hear about this destination. Bali is often referred to as a honeymooners paradise, but what people don’t know is that this destination also has a lot to offer to the family vacationers. If you just started out with a simple online search, you will surprised at the list of things one can indulge in Bali especially with kids. Bali family holidays are very easy and offer a lot of options right from accommodation to things to do. Right from nature trails to exciting encounters with the wildlife, there is more than what one can imagine in Bali. So, go ahead and explore our top pick of things to do when you are traveling to Bali with kids.

image: musafir

1. Waterbom Bali, Kuta: Get ready to have some fun splashing waters with the entire family as you take on the exciting rides in Bali’s first water park, which also has the reputation of being one of the best in South east Asia. The park has exciting water games and slides that are fun for the entire family. Tropical gardens and pools add to the fun and charm of this place and is a must do activity when you are on a family holiday to Bali.

2. School of surfing: What is a beach holiday without indulging in some exciting water sports. Bali beaches provide the ideal waves to enjoy some surfing activities that you can enjoy with the entire family. There are some surfing schools that can train kids even below the age of 13years and provide all the safety lessons and gears for a fun and safe surfing session.

3. Bali Safari and the Marine Park: Bali has an exotic wildlife scene that lives in the tropical forests of Bali. Viewing the wildlife is an exciting adventure for kids of all ages. The largest wildlife safari is the Bali Safari & Marine Park in Gianyar, which also has the most exotic animal theme park on the island. And yes don’t forget to carry a set of spare clothes incase you decide to get down under water at the themed water park.

4. Legian’s Dream Museum Zone: Get set to experience some awesome attractions which include the trick-eye 3D galleries offering some fun filled moments and awesome photography opportunities for the entire family. There is a collection of over 120 artworks that are placed over three levels.

5. Banana Boat ride: What is a Bali adventure without having some fun indulging in the awesome water sports the place has to offer. If you are opting for Bali holiday package, make sure you have these included in your itinerary. Get ready to board with your entire family on to bright yellow inflatables for a speedy and twisty ride along the waves. A banana boat ride can accommodate about 6 people in one round, so your entire family can go together and indulge in some water fun.

6. Kemenuh Butterfly Park: Started quite recently in the year 2016, this butterfly park is a glimpse of nature’s most gentle creatures. With over 500 species of butterflies, this park is certainly a visit to plan with your kids.

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