Jungle Safari in Sri Lanka — Best Ideas here

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful places in Asia for tourist vacation. If you wish to be astounded by the spectacular natural landscape of this Asian country, then you must have the majestic jungle safari to some of the world-famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that are abounded in the country. So book your domestic flights to Sri Lanka and experience the heavenly abode. Feel astounded by the intense wildlife of Sri Lanka in a jungle safari. Here are some of the natural bounty you can experience in Sri Lanka:

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· Yala West National Park: This majestic national park is located on the south-east portion of Sri Lanka. Yala is a beautiful area that stretches along the coastline that outlines the rocky outcrops. This is the premier national reserve of Sri Lanka. You can spot some of the greatest rare wildlife species on a jungle safari including leopards, sloth bears, spotted deer, golden jackal and several more. The national park is also home to a great diversity of birds that can be spotted across the freshwater pools and woodland areas.

· Uda Walawe National Park: This mesmerizing natural park is located to the southern range of the central mountains. The park spans a great area of the grasslands and scrubs jungle. You can spot some of the majestic Asiatic elephants in this national park when on a jungle safari. The national park is also home to the Uda Walawe Reservoir that is aimed at protecting the natural watershed in the area. The park is a treat for the birdwatchers as the park houses several rare bird species including hawk eagle, grey-headed fish eagle, and serpent eagle.

· Wasgomuwa National Park: This park is located in the dry lowlands of the North Central Province that is 40 km north of the bio-diversity location of the rich Knuckles Massif. You can find all of the wildlife flora and fauna in a jungle safari. It is considered to be quite lucky to spot the leopards and bears. You can come across an entire family of elephants. They are wild enough. It would be an exhilarating experience to observe them so closely.

· Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve: This natural reserve is located in the south-west area of the wet island. This is one of the premier rainforests of Sri Lanka. The canopy of this rainforest runs as high as 45m in height. You can be lucky enough to spot some of the rarest species of trees and wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. While on a jungle safari, you can spot some exquisite wildlife like leopards, barking deer, purple-faced langur and several others. The reserve park is also home to a wide variety of birds including the Sri Lankan blue magpie, red-faced malkoha, green-billed coucal and several others.

Sri Lanka takes pride in its natural beauty. With swathes of land and national parks present across the country, you can have a heavenly experience of the same in a jungle safari. Make your flight ticket booking now!