UK and Foodie: Such a great combo! Try these 5 dishes

The UK food known as the English modern cuisine is gaining impetus in the recent times. If you are headed out to the United Kingdom, you would come across a plethora of delectable dishes that form the perfect platter. For all the food lovers out there, it can be a great setting to find amazing food when on their vacation to the United Kingdom. Set out with your international flight tickets to experience the perfect blend of an enjoyable trip with amazing food in the UK. Here are some of the mouthwatering options to play with your taste buds you would find in the UK:

1. Puddings: This is the most famous traditional dessert in the United Kingdom. The puddings, the afters or the sweets are available in different exciting flavors. The most famous flavor is the apple crumble that comes with the delicious apples covered in crumbly flour, butter and sugar mixture. This delicious sweet platter is served with custard made from eggs, vanilla and milk. The other great option is the butter and bread pudding. Trifle is another great idea of pudding that is formed with layers of sherry-soaked sponge cake along with fruit, cream and custard. All the sweet lovers would love this great dish on the UK streets.

2. Pies: There are many different flavors of appetizing pies, which you can find across the streets of the UK. The cottage pie, the shepherd’s pie, and the Cornish pie are to name a few. The pies are wrapped up in creamy layers of a pastry case that tends to accentuate the overall platter. These pies are a must-try in the UK.

3. Lancashire Hotpot: This is a kind of stew that has its origin in the north-west of England. This delectable dish is made from lamb or mutton and vegetables that are topped with sliced potatoes and some spices. The dish is quite easy to prepare at home. However, the fun of having it across the beautiful streets of the UK is unimaginable. This amazing dish is usually eaten in a combination of pickled red cabbage or beetroot.

4. Bara with Bread: This is also known by the local name as Welsh Tea & Bread. Bara with bread is a great British tea & bread that is prepared from spices along with dried fruits like currants and raisins. The brewed tea is used to impart the bread a flavorful and spongy taste. The amazing dish is served with warm and thick slices with a thick layer of soft cheese and butter.

5. Fish and Chips: You can spot this famous British dish across several food stalls in the UK streets. The chips are actually the French fries that are a favorite among the locals. The fishes are lightly battered until they become crispy and highly appetizing. This is one of the healthiest takeaways. Therefore, you need not even shy away from eating this while in the UK.

If you are lucky enough to get your cheap air ticket to the UK, do not hesitate on spending well on some of the best dishes in the country.