Unique Experiences In Goa

Known for its awe-inspiring beaches and unparalleled adventure sports, not to mention its swaying palms and some of the most opulent stays that you can revel in Goa is truly a traveller’s paradise. What makes this destination, even more attractive is its long-standing history complete with majestic churches, magnificent forts and other monuments. However, there is much more to this place than it is known for. As a matter of fact, Goa offers some unique experiences which are more than just enticing, so much so that they will be etched on your memory! Easily approachable via cheap flights India, some of the most off-beat yet remarkable things to do in Goa are listed below -

A Visit to the Butterfly Conservatory

Located in Ponda, this conservatory serves as a home to the widest variety of butterflies that you can imagine. Inherently vibrant and colourful, this place has a surreal feel to it which will help you disconnect from the outside world and submerge yourself in its inexplicable splendour. Fortunately for you, you can even watch them closely, when you hold a fruit and they cheerful gather nectar from the same.

Enjoy Kayaking

Goa has always been known for the wise variety of adventure sports that it offers on its beaches. However, if you wish to try something off-beat, it is highly advisable that you try your hand at kayaking in the Goan Backwaters. Trust us, there cannot be a better way to revel in the captivating charm of nature.

A Play Date with Elephants

Yet another experience involving an animal, this time however, a gigantic one. While on your visit to the highly celebrated Savoi Plantations or the Sahakar Spice Farm, you can enjoy some quality time with elephants. Chose to give them a nice bath, or simply sit on the back and let them splash some water on you, either way, you will return home with some cherished memories.

Mandovi River Sunset Cruise

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can chose to a GTDC run sunset cruise or the one managed by a private firm. Not only will the cruise accentuate the splendour of the setting sun, but will also help you try your luck at spotting some dolphins and even crocodiles. Operated on the Mandovi River, the cruise will offer you a perfectly laid back yet invigorating experience.

image: musafir

Observe the Ruins of Cabo De Rama

Known to be the oldest forts of Goa, there is not much left of Cabo De Rama. Conquered numerous times by almost every ruling dynasty, this chapel and barracks of this fort mostly remain secluded today, which is why it can prove to be an amazing experience to delve into the sweeping views of the sea, from almost every nook and corner of this age-old establishment.

Now that you’re aware of exactly what’s in store for you in Goa apart from its well-known tourist attractions, we’re sure you will fall in love with this astounding destination for completely distinct reasons. So, wait no more, before you find cheap flights India to the majestic land Goa.

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