Visiting Malaysia for the first time? Keep these 7 things in mind

The culture of Malaysia is a direct outcome of the amalgamation of various ethnic groups who have settled in various parts of the country. Before booking a Malaysia tour package or Malaysia honeymoon package, make sure that you know few basic things about the place.

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These are 7 of the things that you should remember on your Malaysia trip:

1. BEST TIME TO VISIT: Malaysia is a tropical country and it experiences rain throughout the year but the months of December to February are said to the months with most rainfall. The drier months are ideal for a visit that including a lot of outdoor activities and sightseeing. Therefore, the recommended time to visit Malaysia is from the months of May to September. Find out the most ideal season for the perfect honeymoon in Malaysia.

2. Food: A large number of food stalls, food hawkers and restaurants are available in the cities of Malaysia. The cost of a meal at the hawker’s joints is comparatively very less than eating joints of the cities. You can choose your eating destinations as per your budget restraint or according to your gastronomic need.

3. Lodging: In Malaysia, the tourists are offered with an option of choosing from a great number of accommodation facilities to choose from. If can get great deals on your Malaysia holiday package and book comfortable and fancy lodging facilities within your budget. For solo backpacker travellers ,a dorm room in a hostel would cost less than US$10. A 3-star hotel will cost you around US$30, while luxury accommodations in forms of 5star hotels and resorts will cost you as much as US$150.

4. Transport: The cities and towns of Malaysia are well connected through the local transportation system. Intercity bus rides are available at a very cheap cost, while you can avail the service of taxis if you want to avoid long waits and overcrowding of public bus. It is advisable to negotiate the fare price before boarding a taxi. Although Railway is the cheapest mode of commuting in Malaysia, it is comparatively slower than most other modes of transport.

5. Clothing: The country remains sunny throughout the year, therefore carry light material clothes with you on your vacation. Remember to wear decent attire while visiting places of worship. You are specifically advised against wearing revealing clothes that include bikini and bathing suits in public places and beaches.

6. Etiquette: it is always a good idea to follow the etiquettes of the place you are visiting as a token of respect towards its culture. When in Malaysia make sure that you take off your shoes when you visit inside someone’s house or places of worship. Always use your right hand when you are giving or receiving anything in Malaysia. Never touch someone on their head, the mere activity is considered rude while avoid pointing your foot at someone, as the gesture is considered as an act of disrespect.

7. Don’t s of Malaysia: Majority of the population of the people in Malaysia are Muslims, therefore alcohol is prohibited in most of the public places. There is a zero tolerance policy towards the usage of drugs, make sure that you do not have any drugs on you when visiting Malaysia. Extreme public display of affection is something that you should not indulge in Malaysian public places. Know about other basic rules before booking any Malaysia package.

Let’s begin the journey!

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