What to Do On Your Holiday in Indonesia

If Bali Holidays have been on your mind lately, we recommend you to take a tour that encompasses the entire essence of Indonesia, and not just the blissful spas and plush stays that Bali has to offer! For what it’s worth, with the help of a trusted travel partner, you can easily get your hands on a package that fulfils both the aspects. Now that we’re at it, let us discuss some of the most amazing experiences that you can revel in while in the majestic land of Indonesia.

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· The Pink Beach located on the tranquil Komodo Islands is not just a treat to the eyes, but to the soul as well. Covered in sand that is essentially pink in colour, you can conveniently reach this beach via a boat. Once there, you can enjoy an enthralling experience of snorkelling, or simply enjoy watching the numerous coloured fishes in its clear waters.

· If you’re fond of fishing or free diving, or both, you must visit Amed and its fishing villages. Trust us, there’s no better way to enjoy the abundant and vibrant marine life of Indonesia.

· For someone who would love to explore the local life up close and personal, you can simply interact with the natives of the Komodo Island. Warm and courteous in nature, they will be more than happy to share the nuances of their life.

· Given that Indonesia is the land of the endangered orang-utans, you ought to take treks through the nation’s rainforests and take your chances to spot them.

· Flooded with both active as well as dormant volcanoes, Indonesia offers its travellers with some of the most astounding hikes. You can either try the Mount Agung in Bali or Mount Bromo in East Java for a thrilling experience.

· Try to include a visit to the Komodo National park in your itinerary, and try your luck at spotting the largest lizard in the world — ‘Komodo Dragon’!

· Lined with numerous beaches, Indonesia is probably one of the best places to learn and enjoy surfing.

· If you want to experience something truly mesmerising try finding time for a dinner at a Warung in the Jimbaran Bay. While the candle-lit temples offer an incredibly soothing ambience to the beach, the water running up to your feet will simply take you by a pleasant surprise!

· Brimming with a plethora of ancient tales and anecdotes, the puppet shows of Java truly deserve your precious time! The wooden puppets called ‘wayang golek’ and the shadow puppets known as ‘wayang kulit’ will simply win your heart over!

· Need we mention Scuba Diving! Well, it is one thing Indonesia is extremely famous for! If you wish to enjoy this experience to the fullest, we recommend you try it out on the Menjangan Island along with hundreds of deer!

· Enjoy the country’s exuberant nightlife at Ku De Ta in Seminyak, or simply go bananas at the Potato head! We’re sure you’ll have a night to remember!

So, not just Bali Holidays but an elaborate vacation in Indonesia is what will do justice to your time as well as money!

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