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Making a Winter Woodland

Our Winter Tidings woodland scene consisted of the following elements which we’ll be diving into within this article:

  • A skybox
  • The trees in the forest
  • The fountain
  • The ground
  • The camera & camera animation paths


We experimented with a few different methods to create our skybox. Initially we implemented a cube shader and also an open ended cylinder which had the image textures projected onto it. As our scene was restricted in terms of where a user could look (we defined exactly where the camera pointed at all times), there was a lot of the cube or cylinder that was hidden resulting in our skybox image being a much larger size and resolution than it really needed to be. …

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Generating a Unique Snowflake with JavaScript

This write-up is part of a wider series of articles talking about the how’s and why’s of our Winter Tidings mobile-only, WebGL experience. You can read the first article in the series here (Article 1).

Winter Tidings: Generating a Unique Snowflake

Generating a unique, one-of-a-kind snowflake from code is no mean feat. The challenge; taking something made naturally with such organic structure and trying to replicate this using formulae or a set of rules.

To begin we created a 3D model of a snowflake in Blender as an initial guide and point of reference for what we were then creating in WebGL. …

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A Technical Case Study

We wanted to talk a little bit about the structure of our Winter Tidings project, the technologies we used and how we managed the web application. Winter Tidings was to be mobile-only immersive experience which would push our skills throughout the studio on all aspects of the project, while ultimately focusing on WebGL.

You can read about the journey and challenges we faced throughout this series of articles, each identifying a key area in the project development. …


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