New Staance App Released

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Staance, a premier new platform for instant reaction on any issue, trend or news event, has launched its iPhone app, the company announced Thursday.

Starting today, Staance users can influence the world around them from their iPhone. Users can now add their voice to the conversation with a simple swipe or touch of a button, agreeing or disagreeing with concise statements and instantly seeing how their voice stacks up against the world’s.

Millions of users have already engaged with, but now app users can influence others in a way never seen before. A growing list of influencers — media, celebrities, pro athletes and more — are already using the platform to gauge global reaction and engage their networks.

“As news becomes more realtime, it has become more qualitative,” said Staance CEO Emmanuel Momoh. “Our new Staance app gives you realtime quantitative insights that let you keep your finger on the pulse of the world.”

Be heard now. Download the app for free within the Apple Store here:

The Staance App has three key features:

“The simplicity and scope of Staance is fantastic,” said Sam Amick of USA Today. “The (free) app lets people find their voice among the crowd and have fun seeing how their views compare with so many others. I haven’t seen a social media platform like it.”

About Staance

Staance lets you discover what the world thinks about the stories that matter to you today. You engage with news that matters now and instantly add your voice to the conversation by agreeing or disagreeing with concise statements — never questions — about people, places and things. Staance reveals instant reaction to every major news story or trend around the globe, from politics and sports to pop culture. Have your say, see how your opinion stacks up and engage with others. It’s easy, fun and impactful. You should be heard.

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Download the app for free within the App Store here:

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