stabble airdrop and points system, announcement

3 min readJun 26, 2024


Whoop, you read it right! We’re announcing a huge airdrop!

TL;DR: We’re planning an airdrop across three different seasons, introducing a points system. Earn points by executing swaps, depositing liquidity, or creating and managing pools. The more points you earn, the larger your airdrop. Season 1 starts with the mainnet launch and ends with the TGE.

$STB — The next big airdrop in the Solana ecosystem

As you might already know, we have reserved a large allocation for an airdrop, which is the go-to way in the Solana ecosystem. To be eligible to receive the airdrop, you must be an active user of our protocol.

Collect points — there are three ways to accumulate points:

  • Execute swaps: 5 points per USD value equivalent swapped.
  • Deposit liquidity: 50 points per USD value equivalent per day.
  • Create a pool and deposit liquidity: 70 points per USD value equivalent per day. Please be aware that the pool needs a minimum of $5,000 TVL!

Ref links — boost your earnings!

Use our referral system to earn extra points. Share your referral link and get 25% of the points your referees earn (these extra points do not come from your referees’ points). Here is how to generate your ref link:

1. Click on this symbol.
2. Get a unique username.
3. Sign the message.
4. Get your link.

stabble points booster NFT

If you are a lucky holder of our stabble points booster NFT, we have good news for you: Your earned points will be doubled!

This NFT is only available via airdrop to members or users of selected partners or DAOs, like the Solana Mobile/Saga DAO, JupiterDAO, and many more. Follow our socials to not miss the latest drops ;)

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