A proposal for an internationally compatible interpretation of the security definition applied to digital assets, with a particular focus on stable coins

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1. Introduction

History Lessons

Our society has always been one for development, evolution, and transcendence — mostly breaking the economic limits and setting new standards for higher living. This resulted in wealth distribution at certain times and extreme localization at other times when the core values surrounding the concept of money and its acquisition changed drastically.

More recently, money has played an essential role in the economic evolutionary trend. Moreover, one central theme which remained over the course of this trend is the drive to create an efficient system that makes global transactions easier, faster and far more profitable.

As told by…

By Simone D. Casadei Bernardi

The cryptocurrency market and its ever-increasing uses have been faced with different challenges over time. Most noticeably is the fluctuation in the price of the different cryptocurrencies. This unstableness has obviously caused a scramble for a solution.

What Are Stablecoins?

In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are not usually affected by the market dynamics, which causes fluctuation in the other…

Money became programmable for the first time in history.

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt nearly every industry.

The global fintech technology aims to create a new and improved payments system for the world — looking to build the one which can be secure, transparent, decentralized, fast, and uses cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange.

The banking and payments industry is perhaps the key beneficiary of this emerging market. But the value of most cryptocurrencies fluctuates on a daily basis and the volatility is still huge. …

- Stablecoin. Money in the right direction -

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The world needs an ever growing stablecoin community. Our target is 20m daily payment stablecoin users by 2020.

“There is a payment solution, money transfer without any value loss on a cheaper, faster, secure, easier, 24/7 and borderless way and we should all know about this innovative new way of money!”

In fintech recently the main thing has been to find the correct orientation. Innovative startups, users, regulatory instances, banks and investors are concerned. So it was time for testing new technologies which can offer promising solutions to fulfill the required financial needs of the 21st century.

The number of…

Stablecoin Movement

We believe that Stablecoins are the next generation of digital money. Join our community! We stand by our motto ‘STABLECOIN. MONEY IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION’

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