Bay Area Circuits helping STAC Manufacture Success!

Space Technologies at Cal is proud to announce a partnership with Bay Area Circuits to ensure that we can turn our PCB designs into effective prototypes.

Bay Area Circuits is a leading PCB Manufacturer in the bay area. They offer PCB prototyping with 24-hour turnaround for two-layer and multilayer boards. They also offer student PCB package discounts, a great way for students to create electronic personal projects at an affordable price. They have kindly sponsored PCB assembly for STAC, which allows us to design and prototype custom electronics.

STAC CubeSat Sensor Board

Designing a board can be a significant investment of time and resources, so it is important to us that our boards are manufactured correctly. As part of our design review process, we use the Bay Area Circuits InstantDFM Report Tool, which provides us with immediate feedback on potential manufacturing issue with our PCBs before we order.

InstantDFM returns an easy-to-read, helpful QED Report listing all PCB characteristics and errors

In addition to listing errors, the tool shows us exactly where problems could occur on our boards, allowing us to be confident that the board we designed is correct.

STAC Microgravity Payload (TIME) Electronic Boards

The Bay Area Circuits team has been extremely welcoming and helpful. As our electronics team has doubled in the size over the past year, Bay Area Circuits fast PCB prototyping has enabled us to spend less time waiting, and more time designing what we love.