Unposted Letters

“purple flowers on paper” by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

I want to match up to you, but I’m scared of the flames

You’re the deepest part of the fire, and honestly, I don’t want to get burnt again

Over the last few weeks, I’ve changed more thoughts than clothes

Should I text you or just drown my phone

You see, to me, love is my comfort zone

And I can’t step out of it, it’s home

That’s why I let you in, but you wrecked my soul

Still, I was holding on to your foot when I told you to let go

Now I sit here, uncertain of what’s left of us

We’re inhaling ashes, and exhaling dust

Should I have hope, oh my soul?

Are you broken or still whole?

So, let me take the knife from your hands in case you decide to stab me a second time

I’ll use it to slice a cake instead as we clink our glasses to goodbye

Whether my soul is half full or half empty

Its content remains intoxicated

Drunk from the poison that seeped from your lips

Each time you told me the age-old tale…

“I love you.”

-Stacey Amoako

(Inspired by Yvery)