We are the Citizens of the World

It’s Thirsty Thursday and the three of us are sitting at a London pub with two beers and one glass of wine. One Russian girl and two fine English gentlemen. All business meetings are done and now we are ready to go all the way down from thirsty to unexpected challenges this night can bring.

I love people. I mean after a week of business meetings sometimes I think I may want to kill some of the, but deep inside I desperately love them. Truly, I feel happy what I get a chance to grab a beer with people from other countries cause I know that the conversation will definitely be interesting. Thankfully, I regularly get this opportunity as I am not sure already if I can live and breathe without it.

Alas, I am Russian. As a joke, I often say that I must have done something really awful in my previous life to be born in the country of cold while my favorite weather is over +30 C and I’m dying without sun.

To put it straight — every time I come back from a business trip, I have kind of a depression.

We discussed everything — society, a lit of politics, the internal Russian situation and I told them a story that had happened to me recently. I had to book a restaurant near the office for a team building, so I just went on an aggregation booking website and started calling. 4 were closed out of 5.

You know, people just start to save money. And for many of them it is better to stay at home rather than spend their salary in restaurant. — that was what I told them.

That’s a shame, — they said, sympathizing with this me.

Then we rushed into discussing the UK situation. They said they were going to have a referendum. Probably will leave EU. Still, skipping the crappy official politics, the only thing I was interested in is what they think about the whole idea of leaving EU.

I really loved the attitude.

‘Whatever status I have, I just want to expand it. If I am now citizen of Great Britain, I want to be a citizen of Europe, and then a citizen of the world’

I realized that I was always thinking about the same thing but never managed to articulate it in the right way.

There are cons to this approach, of course. They will always be. The world is not a place where everyone is sitting in their own box. Whatever happens in politics, there is a worldwide playground out there. Damn it, that’s so cool.