Who Will Your Kids Call In An Emergency?

Stacey Higdon
Jan 25 · 2 min read

It may not be who you think!

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Last night, as an emergency vehicle flew by with lights and sirens, my 4 year old daughter asked me why I stopped and pulled over. I told her I had moved over so the vehicle could get through. Not only is it the law, but someone in our town is in trouble and needs their help!

She started to list off the reasons people might need help: they’re sick, they’re hurt, their house is on fire, they were in a car accident…Then she asked me if I knew what number to call if I was in a car accident.

I wanted to give my daughter a chance to show off what she had learned in preschool, so I played dumb. “What number do I call if I were in a car accident?”

She said the number “8” a bunch of times.

I was confused, so I prompted her, “Don’t you mean ‘911’?”

She was very confident in her answer. “No, you call 888–8888. I saw it on TV!”

Then it clicked. That is the phone number of a law office that handles personal injury claims from car accidents.

Before calling 911, my daughter would call a lawyer.

I was shocked. I had taught her to call 911. Her teachers at school had taught her to call 911. The fire department had taught her to call 911. But TV said to call 888–8888 first, so that’s who she was going to call.

I knew my daughter was soaking up the things she was seeing on TV. She wants to play soccer like Devin on the Amazon show “The Kicks”. She sings the theme song to “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” from PBS. But I never thought that she would take the advice of a television commercial over the advice of literally everyone that cares about her!

So, parents, keep and eye on what your children are watching. Not just the shows, but the commercials as well. Drill them on the number to call in case of emergencies. Otherwise, you may have a lawyer showing up to your next car accident instead of a paramedic!

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