Kitty-cat Corn and Hot-flashes


So, my cat Pierre is a lover. He’s a purr-fect man. Loves cheese. It’s a good thing, because I am pretty cheese-y. Camembert is his favorite.

I am thinking that he (because I speak French and Spanish to him and have for the 10 years I have dragged him around the country) is a multi-lingual, well-traveled, and well-educated cat. I adopted him in Denver. But this cat has camped, stayed in many hotels, lived with dogs (I think he believes he is a dog- he wags his tail), hung-out with young kids, pigs, chickens, visited elk, moose, and deer. He has eaten questionable spiders, crossed the border into Mexico without me once, came back pretty quick (I think hink his French is better than his Spanish, much like me), and put up with some serious hard times with me.

He chose me. He yowled at me at the no-kill-shelter in Denver as I was filling out paperwork for another animal. If you have even a doubt, just ask my friend, Galen that was there that December.

This cat has a suitcase with travel stickers all over it. There is a book in this, because Pierre is one of the most-traveled cats that has had more than 9 lives. But then again, I have had more than 20, myself.

I write this today because I am loving my cat, Pierre. I also write this because we all are headed down the path of life and our animals are our best friends. They put up with our shit. We pick up and clean their shit. Who owns who?

I think I am brinking on hot flashes, which is terrifying for me. But Pierre is just purring-up a storm, even though he is older and probably is pretty tired from all the crap I have put him through (in-terms of moving around).

“Kitty-cat Corn” is a made-up song specifically for him, because he deserves one. I sound like crazy cat lady, but who does not love an animal that checks your pulse when you are sick? (cats do that, BTW) Meow.

And if you want to know how the song goes, I am happy to share. And I am done with the cat-talk. Anything more you ever see on here from me will be about science, for the most part. :)