Second try publishing.

I think after getting 3 college degrees I am expired on teaching. I have been teaching Environmental Science, Geography, Earth Science, Geology and GIS. But it seems no one is interested in employing me now that I am back in my hometown. I guess the straight-out-of-college kids with no experience are more desirable, though I have years in the real world and I can inspire our youth to become scientists (which our country needs more of).

I think I also am not a city girl, and I probably never have been. I have been through a lot of crap this last year. I do not need to be shut-down by a high school for teaching. They are looking at me like “why do you want to teach high school science”, and I am looking back at them like “I have a better influence this way, rather than teaching college kids that cannot write a complete sentence”.

But I have to pay to teach high school. Guess my three degrees with near 4.0 GPAs do not mean a thing. I guess also my years working for the Bureau of Land Management or in environmental consulting do not count for anything. Who do you want educating your children? The recent college grad’ or someone with experience in both teaching and the real world?

This is a bit of a rant. But I do have some works- fictional-history that I will share here.

I am just incredibly frustrated with how incompetent the world and our country has become. There is a reason. Our educational system is broken.

I am not going to spout political stuff, here. It doesn’t matter. The point of me beginning this blog is to help inform (and vent, a little).

But I want to share some stories. If I cannot do it in a classroom, I am doing a little here. These will be real stories. Some will be historical fiction (but I will let you know which you are reading).

I just hope we can get through these tough times together in a happy and beautiful way!