Charming Gardeners

I keep thinking about the little things.

Every day, my phone texts me at 9 PM to ask me, “What are you grateful for today?” This daily practice of gratitude is especially helpful these days as I can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the stress of being a grad student.

I’ve been reflecting longer and more deeply on all the little tiny kindnesses that happen to me. These are some of the recent ones that are on my mind.

Thank you for bringing me a sprig of rosemary in the morning to delight my senses and heart. For making me a watercolor piece of art out of the blue for no reason except to express your own gratitude for me.
Thank you for recognizing my stress in my posture and wrinkled forehead and texting me that clip of Nick Miller from New Girl dancing to Taylor Swift to make me laugh. I still watch it when I need a good giggle.
Thank you for reaching out, knowing that I don’t have the capacity to be the initiator in making plans right now. Thank you for understanding that.
Thank you for getting pie with me at 10 PM when I saw that douche bag I dated at the bar and had to bolt immediately. For being my sounding board for all the things. For offering advice, even if I don’t take it. For challenging me and good conversation.
Thank you for hitting the snooze button more times than I remember just so we could stay in bed longer.
Thank you for spontaneously making yourself available for Walking Dead marathons when I can’t stand to work anymore and need to just be a human who watches Netflix.
Thank you for being my person. The one I can tell literally anything and everything. For being supportive of whatever the fuck I want to do and reminding me always that I don’t have to apologize for it. For being the best best friend, even with the entire country between us.
Thank you for driving me to the ocean at midnight during the coolest half moon and keeping me up way later than my bedtime (I can’t be an old lady all the time).
Thank you for encouraging me to talk about my feelings, and for having the patience to wait for me to uncurl from the fetal position I automatically curl into when I don’t want to talk about my feelings. For challenging me in ways that make me better. For ukulele tunes and radical honesty.
Thank you for saying, “Hang in there. You are strong!” when I was feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes the simplest words have the strongest impact. Thanks for always making me laugh and being the most selfless person I know. And while I’m thanking you, thanks for giving birth to me. :)
Thank you for all of our kitchen conversations. For giving so much attention to making me feel special on my birthday. I couldn’t ask for a better person to live 20 feet away from.
Thank you for coming over to the spooky house to watch a Halloween movie with me and stuff our faces with snacks.
Thank you for sending snail mail. ❤
Thank you for the phone chat. I forgot that talking on the phone is cool sometimes.
Thanks for driving me to an ATM, getting cash for me, and driving me to the coffee shop when I left my wallet at home — especially for insisting on doing it (because I suck at asking for help/favors).
Thank you for saving that vegan treat for me.
Thank you for having dinner with me on my birthday.
Thanks for getting adult beverages with me when I just really needed to let loose for a night.
Thanks for spontaneously letting me join you for lunch with me when I needed social interaction and a break from responsibilities. And to steal your time since you’re moving across the country soon.
Thanks for buying tickets to that show even when you had no clue who the band was just so I didn’t have to go alone. And for playing on the playground with me late into the night.
Thank you for reaching out to me simply because you were feeling compelled to tell me that you think I’m awesome and that I give “tremendously ‘real’ hugs.”

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ―Marcel Proust

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