I'm so sorry to all of my American friends. The result of the recent election is hard news to swallow. After President Obama; the pinup boy for democracy and positive change, Donald Trump seemed like an impossible champion. It all read like an overblown joke. It was in this assumption that democratic America became complacent. We all allowed this to happen.

As an immigrant here it's a hard thing to watch and have no real say in. Living in big cities like LA and NYC it's easy to forget that liberalism, progressive thought and the struggle for equality are not a representation of the entirety of the American people. Here celebrity is king. This race played out like a season of 'America's Next Top President'. All name calling and shameless self promotion and no real policy discussion or humility.
Racism, sexism, populism and bible bashing are what have driven people to vote in such large numbers. These are the values lighting fires in the bellies of Americans. This is the real problem.

Everyone wants good things for their country, there is just fundamental discrepancy and misunderstanding of what is 'right' for the American people.
What has happened has happened, but let's not call it an accident. This was America speaking.

We need to make sure we do not regress in the coming years. We need to stand our ground and not allow our rights or the rights of those around us to be impeached upon. This result has the potential to massively encroach on the freedoms of women, foreigners, people of color and the LGBTQ and disabled communities, particularly in small towns. Diversity is the very foundation of modern America. Let's not allow our friends and family to be stripped of any rights or see injustice done to them. It would be a real shame to injure and repel the very people that make this country great.

Most importantly, we need to fight bigotry and hatred in this country, at a grass roots level. We need to educate and alter the mindset of the prejudiced here in order to eradicate the fear of difference that breeds the racism, sexism and homophobia that is clearly still very prevalent in our culture.

In the meantime we must show everyone that is feeling marginalized that they are loved and appreciated. We should all be able to feel proud of our country and heritage and person. Let's stop spreading the hatred and widening the divide between red and blue. Do some good this week. Make it your mission to put a smile on people's faces, and let's work toward a more accepting and modern America. And hopefully by next election people from all walks of life in our country will be capable of making more forward thinking, better choices.