Photo by author Miss Mackenzie

Well, she knows what she wants to be when she grows up.

Meet Miss Mackenzie, my teacher.

If you think she takes it easy on me because I am her mommy think again.

She's a tough cookie!

I wasn't paying attention in class and didn't raise my hand once.




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Our guys are always full of surprises. They can and do some of the cutest funniest stuff.

They are some of the sweetest people.

It is our job as staff to teach our guys but many times they are the ones who teach me how to be compassionate and patient.




I'm definitely hooked

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I vape… I also smoke.

I am not proud of my addiction to nicotine nonetheless it's a habit I have. I am addicted to both smoking and vaping.

I have tried to make a full transition from smoking to vaping on several occasions.

I have done fairly well at it…



Stacey Lynn Klug

Stacey Lynn Klug

Writing has always been the very breath that substains me,