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UX Iron
UX Iron
May 8, 2016 · 2 min read

Even now as a seasoned User Experience Designer and a Professor, my kryptonite is presenting my work. Like anyone in a creative field, the feeling that everyone’s going to hate my work is overwhelming, but working with Dana and Colleen from On Camera Coaches of New York City has been a game changer for me. I asked Dana and Colleen to share their brilliance, the following is advice to help you present your work in the best possible light…

Dana and Colleen’s 5 basic tips to nail your UX Presentation:

  • Your stance: Your feet should be right under your hips, this will ground you body. Secondly, your toes should be your compass and point to whom you want to win over.
  • Body language: Keep your hands loose at your side, bring them up when you want to emphasize a point.
  • - Remember nervous body language (pulling on your fingers, clasping your hands in front or behind you, crossing your arms, etc.) betrays your message and diminishes confidence.
  • SMILE when you speak. Your colleagues should hear the smile in your voice. Say NO to vocal fillers! Avoid using “um,” “ahh,” “so,” “like,” “basically…” They detract from your expertise.
  • Connect to increase your credibility. Your audience will invest emotionally if you find the connection to your message, tell a personal story or tell why your project is important to you.

How to Combat Nerves:

  • Release your tense energy by doing something physical…
    Jumping jacks (our favorite!)
  • Channel your inner eagle — spread your wings, take a deep breath and release… you’ll feel like you can fly!
  • Simply breathe! Take a few deep breaths.

Dana and Colleen are media coaches who work with celebrities, models, CEO’s and startup entrepreneurs. They can be reached at: On Camera Coaches

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