Dear Fellow Democrats,

We are with you. We love you beautiful people and we want to be in this together. We really do. We want the same things. We promise.

Just like you, we want UNITY. We believe together we can do much more than defeat Trump; we believe we can radically transform our country. We won’t settle for the false unity of conformity & perpetuation of the status quo because we know deep down that without authentic togetherness, we’ll be unable to defeat Trump in the general. More importantly, we realize that only together can we create the social, environmental and economic justice we all seek.

Just like you, we want VICTORY. On July 13, a Quinnipiac survey found that Hillary is now behind in all three key swing states — Ohio, Florida & Pennsylvania. According to Gallup, she is also, by far, the least liked Democratic presidential candidate in the last seven decades. This moment is too important, and the stakes are too high, to take the chance that she may not defeat Trump in November.

Just like you, we love DEMOCRACY. We cannot sacrifice our Party’s integrity to engineer election results. Recent leaks published in the New York Times make it clear that this election was rigged. None of us can tolerate that, or settle for results from a primary process that was less than fair.

Just like you, we want to define our FUTURE. Bernie earned vastly more voters under 30 than Hillary & Trump combined. We have an unprecedented opportunity to expand our Party and build the future of our country by embracing their passion and engaging them in our efforts.

The best way to ensure UNITY, VICTORY, DEMOCRACY and our FUTURE is to vote Bernie during the roll call vote next week at the DNC. At the very least, we need to have a heartfelt conversation during the convention to determine together how we will ensure UNITY, VICTORY, DEMOCRACY and our FUTURE. Our country’s depending on us.

We love you & our country too much to let this election tear us apart.

We hope you’re with us.


The Revolution