Lauren Modery

An answer to your question…take with a grain of salt because we never lived in a tiny house…only a tiny room and this was my response to my partner when he sent it to me: “first of all, we don’t have kids, so no problem there. Second of all, since when did we care about farting around eachother? 10 years and we have lived out of a tiny bedroom…twice, with all our “stuff” 1 foot from our bed and, really, how much do we really use and how often do we really pick and choose what to wear. We probably rotate the same 5 shirts and we only really own 1–2 pairs of jeans. We wear the same shoes until there are holes in them. Who needs a large dwelling when we are busy DOING SOMETHING with our life? We spend 8–12 hours in our tiny room for sleep and getting ready in the AM and watching the occasional TV show at night. The rest of the time is spent creating something useful. Honestly, and really honestly, we dont need much. Stuff does not dictate who we are. We don’t need tons of towels or pots and pans. (paper plates smile emoticon ) Being comfortable to me as in needing a place to retreat is my bed, or the ocean.”

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